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Domino Tábor CD – Sleeve note

Very often it is said that the Czech Republic is a superpower in terms of choir singing. I believe this saying to be true because not only there are many excellent professinal choirs in Bohemia and Moravia, but every town, township and often a small community as well has at least one amateur choir. It is a proof of the passion for singing, of the interest in a graceful activity, a proof that is somewhat suggestive of the time when Bohemia was said to be a conservatory of Europe or of the famous saying "every Czech is a musician".

An amateur choir is an interesting community. It is something like a small kingdom having an enlightened sovereign. Inside, one almost always finds people that have enthusiasm, conformable spirit, industry, devotion, discipline and love for music. It is a pleasure to come among such people and even a greater pleasure to work with them creatively.

The chamber choir of Tábor, DOMINO, is an exact image of what has just beem said. In addition to that it has a great deal of luck because an enthusiastic professional works with it. I put emphasis on the words "enthusiastic professional". Pavel Bušek, the moving spirit behind and a musician body and soul, is a professional affiliate to the South Bohemian Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra in Ceské Budejovice, where he is engaged as a clarinetist. Besides, he groups together many chamber ensembles and, apart from playing in them, he organizes their activities, searches for their repertoir, often directing them artistically. My short engagement with the South Bohemian Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra in Ceské Budejovice enabled me to meet Pavel Bušek and this enthusiastic choir. I know its beginnings and I know the way it has passed since. And here is the result. This CD is something like a pause at which one takes a look behind on the long way the choir has gone through, obstacles it has overcome, seeing how far it has reached. It is a profile, a face of the contemporary state. I was part of it so I wish you who will listen to this recording that it may bring you as much pleasure as it brought me while creating it.

Jaroslav Krček

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